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Calendar Idea Starters


Outreach International 2016 Calendar

Time to plant ideas within your group or congregation and allow them to germinate for the rest of the year! Did you share your congregational poster to keep Outreach in people’s minds?

3/17 St Patrick’s Day – As Roman statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote in 5 BCE, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” Fast-forward hundreds of years to actor Denzel Washington, who echoed those thoughts, stating, “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” Preparation still makes things happen, as we have found time and again: our work expands when we make plans for it to grow. How can you make things grow for Outreach?

Here’s an idea! Host a “spud-raiser” dinner! Compare the Great Irish Potato Famine of 1845 with the realities of potato blight still felt in countries like Bolivia, where spuds remain the main food source for highland villagers. Celebrate with stories of how Outreach International facilitation has helped implement new agricultural practices to guarantee better harvests, and to grow a variety of nutrient-rich, cool-weather vegetables. See

3/22 World Water Day – This is a great time to explore the “Team Challenge: Water” module . Help people discover their own water usage “ripples,” share statistics about the World Water Crisis, go meatless for a day (grains and veggies need less water than animal products), and fundraise for a handwashing station or well.

3/27 Easter Sunday – Hope abounds on Easter! Share some of the photos of hope and joy created when lives change.


Is your Outreach plan for the year in place and growing? If not, there is still time to organize, enlist support, and engage others to help you nourish it!

4/7 World Health Day – Poor health is linked to poverty. Here’s another opportunity to use the Team Challenge – for Health! If you ever wanted to know more about toilets worldwide, and we’re sure you have, this is the place! Or read the story of VIP Latrines, at

4/22 Earth Day – Eco-stoves are just one way our field program in Nicaragua is saving the planet – and the health of those who live here. Read “A Stove for Julia” at

4/25 World Malaria Day – See how Outreach International is working on Malaria prevention in DR Congo and Zambia at


Although the summer season may be the start of vacations and decreased attendance in your group, it also provides a great time to implement other activities! Outdoor activities such as a CROP walk, intergenerational activities from our reunion resources for your camps, Team Challenges, or other events. Celebrating birthdays? Read the inspiring story of Outreach supporter Sarah’s birthday tradition.

5/8 Mother’s Day – Share “The Most Important Gift on Mother’s Day” with your friends and family, as related by Rashmireka, a community leader in Outreach International’s India program at This is also a great time to make a tribute gift in honor of your mom (or other mother figure in your life).

5/15 International Day of Families – Just as each family is unique, each culture interacts with their families differently. Pick a country where we work, then explore, and role-play the daily activities common in those communities. Prepare a meal they might eat there, then discuss the difference between needs and wants. By doing so, experience what it is to be a worldwide family. Here’s an article to share.


6/4 Volunteer Conference – Hope to see you, and share with you there!

Want a BIG Challenge? Take Outreach International’s Summit Challenge, which runs from June through September, to help support families living in poverty. Hike one of Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot mountains while raising money for those who need it most. Here’s more information.

Planning a Vacation Church School? Let your leaders, teachers, and organizers know of this easy-to-use resource.

Need more resources? We have everything you need to promote Outreach International in your group or congregation here.


Outreach International 2016 Calendar

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