Written by Jordan Wright:

Shortly after moving to Colorado, a new friend was telling me about a race he had just completed. A 100-mile endurance run, in none other than the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first reaction was disbelief, immediately followed by skepticism. How could anyone possibly run 100 miles???

Several years later, I caught the running bug. A couple miles here, a couple miles there, and I was immediately taken by how amazing the running community was. We were all there with a common purpose: to enjoy our environment and the beauty of God’s creation through running. No matter how far you were running, or how fast you were running, or what your next goal was, everyone was supportive and encouraging!

Through the running community, I was inspired by amazing feats of endurance. Runners who could finish a half marathon, a marathon, a 50k, 100 miles. I was amazed by what the human body was capable of – the gift of endurance that God has given us. Not only in running, but also in life.

On August 22nd, 2015 I will attempt to complete a-100 mile run. I would like to use the opportunity to raise money for an organization that works tirelessly to achieve a much more difficult and selfless goal. For more than 30 years, Outreach International has provided sustainable solutions to help end extreme poverty around the world.

Please join me on my journey to run 100 miles by supporting Outreach International on their journey to end poverty in the world!

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