Summit Challenge 2016 strides ever onward!

Whether you’re able to join us this year or are instead cheering nobly for the sidelines, we’re thrilled to have you involved. Speaking of involvement, two of this year’s participants, Rob and his wife Karissa are taking things to a new plateau: in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary, they’re taking on 25 trails and peaks. Since theirs is a love bigger than can be contained between two people, they’re sharing it with the world— they’ve set a goal to raise at least $25,000 each for a variety of charities, including everyone’s favorite great cause, Outreach International. They’re matching each donation dollar-for-dollar, so whatever you give goes twice as far!

Take a look here: 25 for 25

For Hike #5, Rob and Karissa hiked alongside Team USA last week up St. Mary’s Falls in Colorado Springs.
Colorado 2016-9186


We’re so happy for their upcoming adventures together, and so thankful to have them as part of the Outreach family. Great job, you two!

P.S. Interested in becoming a fundraiser for Outreach like these trailblazers? Click here to get started and fundraise to end poverty.