If you were anywhere near the Midwest this week, you’ve undoubtedly experienced some inclement weather. With flight cancellations, vehicle damage and power outages, it has been a rough several days in the central states. Once these winter storms hit, we got to thinking; what kind of extreme conditions are other parts of the world facing? Here are three crippling environmental conditions in Outreach communities worldwide:

1. Earthquakes

In 2010, Haiti’s infamous earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and left even more injured. Destroying homes and communities, the catastrophic event left roughly 1.5 million people without homes. Three years later, Outreach International is continuing to help these communities by supporting schools that are working to rebuild the lives of children and their families. Read more about Haiti.

2. Deforestation

In this case, it’s the action that changes the climate. Many people mistake deforestation as being detrimental only to our environment. In fact, the negative effects are harmful to people, especially in poverty-stricken areas where water and crops are scarce and village members depend on the land for survival.

In Malawi, communities are experiencing land degradation due to deforestation. Trees release water vapor into the atmosphere and provide shade to keep soil from drying out. Simply put: fewer trees means less water and soil erosion in these communities. Outreach International is taking serious action to improve these conditions by planting many seeds and using goat feces as fertilizer. See the impact.

3. Cold Winters

In some Outreach communities, village members don’t have warm weather year around, making crop raising difficult in the Winter time. Situated high in a mountainous region, Vacas, Bolivia, suffers from cold Winters. In this area, community members eat mostly carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes and rice.

In a poverty-stricken area where families are facing severe hunger, vegetables are few and far between. But the hunger they experience during growing season is nothing compared to that of the lean season. Not only is Outreach International building vegetable gardens for 81 families in this community, we’re also teaching members to build greenhouses, so that when the cold Winter front hits, they’ll be able to continue growing and continue eating healthy foods. You’re helping make a difference in Bolivia.

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