This February, we’re celebrating the important ways we show love. Sometimes it’s the little things that remind us just how much we give and receive love every day. And our communities in Malawi have proven to be a glowing example of love in our world today. In rural Malawi, far away from the city lights and hustle and bustle—a place not inundated with technology—it sure looks like the families we serve are grateful for each loving moment. Here are three ways they can show us how to love more: 1. Laughter 10342491044_fa95dab23f_b   2. Dancing Malawi161010-5477   3. Education Malawi161010-5650 Our communities in Malawi know the importance of education. Each parent, filled with unconditional love, hopes their children will get an education to help them break the cycle of poverty and have a chance at a brighter future. Right now, we’re helping families in Chigwere, Malawi, build a preschool for their children. But we need your help! March 31st is the last day to fund the $3,352 project and we’re only 48 percent of the way there! This month, give your love to 140 children in need of an education. For only $24 per child, you can make all the difference in their lives. Donate today: