Written by Tammera Bollman

While helping her grand mom prepare a donation to Outreach International, three-year-old Olivia Bollman discovered her passion for chickens.

With the blessing of her church congregation in Plymouth, Michigan, Olivia presided over the special tithing to collect “chicken feed” (small change) to buy sustainable gifts of chickens for children in need.

To illustrate the impact to attendees, she colored pictures of chickens, and created a presentation board. She found chicken bowls to use for the offerings, had a drawing for chicken oven mitts and potholders, and tracked progress on an upside-down thermometer. She wanted the thermometer to be upside down so the “chicken feed could drop down and feed the hungry chicks.”

To her excitement, she collected enough to purchase six chickens. To celebrate the success, Olivia led the congregation of mostly 65+ year olds in the chicken dance.

The congregation agreed that the show must go on – and Olivia is going to continue her “critter collections” as part of children’s time. We can’t wait to learn the goat or the water buffalo dance!

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