Welcome to the future! Anything can happen. There’s a whole year ahead of us; lots of potential, lots of chances to make ourselves or our worlds brighter, happier, and healthier. And best of all, this year, we’re really going to do it.

So let’s get started!

1. Be inspired – Go to our Pinterest board and start pinning quote images.

We’re in a unique position here at Outreach, in that the inspirational quotes and images we share are utterly free of cynicism. The people in the photos are the real beneficiaries of our collective efforts, and the quotes alongside them are the very motivators we look to in order to keep ourselves tenacious and gracious. It’s marketing without dishonesty! If anything, we’re soft-pedaling things. Have a look, and come back often.

2. Stay inspired – Become a monthly donor.

Much like the rationale behind leaving a generous tip at a restaurant: no one ever went broke donating to a non-profit. A monthly gift to Outreach, on balance, is a pretty painless way to make the world demonstrably better. In terms of value, providing countless others with miraculous resources and hope for relatively little money is the best possible return on your investment, since the outcome is priceless.

3. Get social. Like us on Facebook, add us on Instagram and follow us on Twitter.

Engage! Think our work is worth sharing? Tell people in your life about it! Have ideas about more ways we could help? Let us know! Feel like randomly talking to some friendly folks who share your outlook? Hit us up on Twitter! Seriously– we’ll write you back, because we think you’re great.

4. Launch a MyOutreach Campaign.

You know what’s deceptively simple? Starting your own fundraising campaign. Head to our MyOutreach page, decide on a fundraising method (run a race! climb a mountain! eat the most ramen noodles in a competition!), customize your page, then tell your friends and family to hop aboard. 100% of project donations go directly to the field, including all in-country project management costs. It’s basically the best possible collision of self-interest and selflessness.

5. Leave a legacy.

Not just your last impact, it’s your lasting impact. Include a legacy donation to Outreach in your will, and ensure that you leave the world a better place than you found it. Future generations will ask, “Hey, robot caretaker? What’s this ‘chronic poverty’ I read about in my holo-book?” And the robot caretaker will answer, “Long ago, people around the world found themselves in situations where they didn’t have enough resources. Then, lots of other people around the world bequeathed their respective largesses to non-profits like Outreach International, and helped fund initiatives that led to lasting solutions for mankind.” And future generations will take a moment for quiet reflection before replying, “Thank goodness for their generosity and personal grace.” Then they’ll turn towards the rainbow-filled horizon and fly away in their jet-packs, because it’s the future.