Good is pretty good, but you know what’s really good? Great! Great serves as an aspirational goal for Good, standing as the next stage in Good’s maturation. We’re all about the Greater Good here at Outreach, which is why we’re always ready with five new ways you can help us achieve it! Let’s grow the Good, and get Great!

  1. Set up your Amazon Smile account to support Outreach International

We’ve talked about this before, but in case you missed it: with a few clicks, you can link your Amazon account to share a tiny portion of each purchase you make with your friends at Outreach (for no additional cost to you)! It’s a great way to passively support our active efforts, and once you set it up, you never need to think about it again— it’ll just keep helping!

  1. Like us on Facebook

Media’s fine, but social media? That’s where the action is! Give yourself and us a dopamine rush by clicking that “Like” button on our Facebook posts whenever the spirit moves you. On our end, we get numbers that reflect which things to which you most strongly respond, and on your end, you get to introduce a little more positivity into the world by publicly stating that you like something!

  1. Give people chickens

Not just any people, and not just any chickens: head over to The Outreach Shop and pick up a two-pack of helpful li’l chickens for someone who could really put ‘em to use. Eggs sustain families, and if left alone for long enough, eggs sustain chicken families by turning into more chickens! It’s like a clucking perpetual-motion machine!

  1. Become a monthly donor

We wish we could give every monthly donor a warm hug for all the support they provide for our community partners. We’d wrap you in our arms and hold you for a moment— maybe smelling your hair, maybe not— and let you know that your recurring donation sets the tempo that our heartbeats match. We’d thank you softly for your trust in us, and your trust in the possibility of an end to chronic poverty within our lifetime. We wouldn’t hold it too long, because we know you’re busy. A few bucks a month equals years of good for everyone involved. Plus: hugs on demand.

  1. Make a tribute gift to honor someone special in your life

Gifts are great. Everyone loves them! But a gift’s lifespan is fairly short: you get a thing, you give said thing, and then the thing is forever a static reminder of that time you gave a thing to someone. It’s perfectly lovely, and we hope it continues as a practice. But a tribute gift to Outreach? That gift takes the reins of its own destiny and serves as a wonderful reminder of your love and support of the recipient, then continues down the road to go on giving, as it supports our community partners and their life-changing projects! Then later, the people and projects your tribute gift supported go on to give people the gift of a better life, and so on, until everything in the world is better, all because of you. Now that’s value!