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Clementina Threads the Needle

When it comes to inspirational stories from our communities, it is hard to find one more affecting than Clementina’s journey. Though born able-bodied, a childhood bout of meningitis resulted in a permanent disability that continues to make walking a challenge, but never diminished her agile mind or superhuman commitment to others.

Clementina | Outreach International

To Stir, with Love

When partners from an Outreach-affiliated community in Malawi considered how to best serve their nutritional needs during annual rainy seasons, they identified a three-course remedy. First, to organize and implement fertilizer-making initiative – by combining animal waste, sand and other locally available, organic materials, partners could create a steady supply of nutrient-rich benefit for their plan’s second stage and centerpiece: small “homestead” gardens for families that could be densely planted and easily maintained, producing crops in drier times of year.

Malawi community members learn how to cook tomato sauce over fire pit.

The Ripe Stuff

Seems like it was only a few months ago that we were sharing the story of some of our community partners from the Philippines’ successful fish-hatching project. Remember?

Gardening Project | Philippines

The Busy Season

Farming is all about timing: When to plant, when to water, when to harvest, when to sell; even when to wake up every morning to ensure that the work that needs doing gets done. Show up too early or too late, and crops suffer.

Cow Project | Malaiw

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