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Clementina Threads the Needle

When it comes to inspirational stories from our communities, it is hard to find one more affecting than Clementina’s journey.

Clementina | Outreach International

To Stir, with Love

When partners from an Outreach-affiliated community in Malawi considered how to best serve their nutritional needs during annual rainy seasons, they identified a three-course remedy.

Malawi community members learn how to cook tomato sauce over fire pit.

The Ripe Stuff

Seems like it was only a few months ago that we were sharing the story of some of our community partners from the Philippines’ successful fish-hatching project. Remember?

Gardening Project | Philippines

The Busy Season

Farming is all about timing: When to plant, when to water, when to harvest, when to sell; even when to wake up every morning to ensure that the work that needs doing gets done. Show up too early or too late, and crops suffer.

Cow Project | Malaiw

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