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2020 Annual Report

Together, we can confidently say Outreach International did more to positively impact the world, in more places, in more ways, in this past year than at any point in its history. If you allow it, this Annual Report from Outreach will help you see the good in the world so that you can more easily be the good in the world.


Advent Stable

Outreach’s Advent Stable is a FREE resource for parishioners and their children to explore uplifting themes throughout the Advent Season.


Outreach Connect

Join us, virtually, for Outreach Connect. We will harness this opportunity to connect you with other supporters, partners, members of our field staff, and community members from all over the world.


2019 Annual Report

Outreach International is a global nonprofit that supports local leaders and community-led groups who develop lasting solutions to poverty-related issues.


Planned Giving

Just as Outreach provides a foundation for the future in communities around the world, the Legacy Circle provides Outreach with the certainty that the future we create together can continue to grow ever more generous, prosperous and optimistic.

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