What’s the best part of working hard? Being finished with work! After a long stretch of imagining, planning, and constructing a new school in Peitonville, Haiti, Outreach-affiliated teams there have reached the sweetest phase of progress: Savoring the results.

Outreach CEO and President Kevin Prine and Director of Field Operations Andrea Read joined our partners in Haiti this past weekend to bring greetings from the rest of the Outreach ecosystem and to help celebrate the completion of construction on their new school. With six classrooms, a community hall, kitchen, restrooms, and a water catchment and storage system, the new school will have everything students need to thrive, once the first bell rings next fall.

For now, let’s luxuriate in their fantastic work and cheer their well-deserved accolades as we survey these photos of the whole process. Scroll down to see their results!

Great work, everyone! Also, great party!

Haiti School Construction | Outreach International Haiti School Construction | Outreach International Haiti School Construction | Outreach International
Haiti School | Outreach International

Much like Outreach’s work, this photo of the school grounds is expansive and inclusive.


Haiti Schools | Outreach International

Friends, supporters, community members, staff, and construction partners gather in the school’s community room for the big day’s celebration.


Haiti School Celebration | Outreach International

Besides accolades and congratulations, one of the rewards earned through all this hard work is a well-deserved rest.

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