When the people of Kalebuka, DR Congo, became sick or injured, there was always a risk that they may not be able to be healed. With no hospital or clinic nearby, any illness could be fatal. 

When Matshende and his wife began having pregnancy complications, they were scared. But they weren’t the only ones in the community needing medical attention. It became such an overwhelming problem that, with Outreach International’s help, they set it as their first priority in the village. It was time to find a solution together. 

After meeting several times, they all agreed to put $2 per family aside every month and invest in their own clinic. In DR Congo, most clinics are privately owned and operated as small businesses. Not only would a clinic be beneficial to everyone’s health and well-being, it would also increase income and boost the local economy. 

After several months, they had finally all saved enough money to make their goal a reality. They were even able to partner with a nearby doctor. 

The community now has access to affordable health care and government health programs. Matshende’s wife was treated and healed, and she birthed their first baby safely in the clinic. 

“Every success starts with a dream,” said Matshende. “However, it requires planning before it can be materialized. We are now enjoying the fruits of our efforts. We have a healthy child.”



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