As you walk around the village of Kuljing you soon realize the importance of animals to their lives. Without animals their poverty is extreme. Outreach International has recently embarked on an initiative to provide water buffalo to many members of the community, transforming their lives in a dramatic way.

A couple of years ago, we made a commitment to help them achieve their goal of self-sufficiency, and already they have celebrated the arrival of electricity and clean water to their village of 148 families. But malnutrition and lack of income continue to be top concerns. The Water Buffalo Dairy Project offers Kuljing’s best chance to battle both.

Nearly all Kuljing’s children are undernourished. Hunger is a big problem, but a water buffalo provides a solution; the milk of this humble cow is now being touted as “the most complete food.” Compared to regular cow’s milk, water buffalo milk has more calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, protein, Vitamins A and C, and antioxidants. Plus, it contains more milk solids, making it a good energy drink.

We have already managed to provide some water buffalo to a handful of families and some of these have given birth to calves.

Families are experiencing the benefits. An average earner in Kuljing makes less than $45 a month. A water buffalo cow can produce 6 liters of milk each day. The current market price for a liter of buffalo milk is Rs 20.00 ($0.44), boosting a family’s income by Rs. 3600.00 ($67) each month.

Unfortunately, not all families have received their water buffalo yet and continue to wrestle with poverty; as things stand right now we still need to raise just over $2,000 to reach our goal of $16,123. We have 23 days to go to raise this amount and change the lives of more families in Kuljing. 100% of the contributions we receive will go directly to this project. Please help us achieve our goal!

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