When three of her daughters died, Hannah—a single woman in her late 60s—had eight grandchildren left to her. Along with the anguish of losing her own children, Hannah had acquired the responsibility of becoming the sole provider for her grandchildren.

A few of the children were at an age to begin kindergarten, but the nearest school was miles outside their village. And not only did Hannah not have a means of transportation for her grandchildren, she also couldn’t afford the costly tuition fees.

Because many children in the area are orphaned, tuition has become a big problem.

With Outreach International’s help, the community took it upon themselves to solve the local education problem. Working together, there were able to access a kindergarten in their community. There are now 40 children receiving an education locally.

Now that Hannah’s grandchildren are in school, she has extra time to earn income and is able to provide for the children.

“Well, if our children could not go to a school, a school had to come to our children,” one man said of the project.

The next step is to include a nutritional feeding program for the students.

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