“I have flown and owned small planes of various sorts for 25 years,” said Ron Edwards, an Outreach International supporter who recently donated one of his beloved planes to the cause.

Ron is no stranger to international charity. As a doctor, he’s been providing his services in impoverished countries for years. “I’ve been going to Honduras and Guatemala for 12-14 years to work in villages, so I have firsthand knowledge of the problems they face,” Ron said.

When he decided he was ready to part with his plane, he said his first thought was Outreach International. “I have known and worked with Outreach International for years,” said Ron. “They do good work.”

After meeting with Nancy, the director of development, Ron decided to sell his plane and donate all proceeds to Outreach.

So President and CEO Kevin Prine reached out to Marc Dickensheets, a former Outreach employee and current aircraft salesman at WildBlue.

“When Kevin asked me to help, there was no question,” Marc said confidently. “For those of us who have a heart for helping people in poverty, there’s always a way to get it done. We like to give back here.”

Marc said the plane needed a bit of work before it could be sold, and they found just the person to do it. The charitable mechanic offered to discount his work for Outreach. “It has been a community effort,” said Marc.

With help from many, the plane sold. Ron, along with everyone else involved in the process, was thrilled.

“Maybe this will spark other ideas for donations,” Marc said optimistically. “Maybe next time we’ll sell a yacht.”