Youth from the Forest Hills Community of Christ in Louisville, KY gathered on Saturday, October 24th for a Team Hunger Challenge event to support Outreach International.  The week prior, Community of Christ members passed out fliers in the neighborhood around the church announcing a food drive for Saturday. Members drove around the neighborhood and collected 500 pounds of food and household necessities, hygiene items like toothbrushes and soap, and donated winter clothing. The food and other items collected were delivered to Jeffersontown Area Ministries, a local food pantry of which Community of Christ is a member.

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During the Hunger Challenge event, we used the educational curriculum provided by Outreach International to learn about health and sanitation in developing countries.  The module in the Team Health Challenge section about how diseases spread was particularly meaningful, as we set up a marketplace. Team members had to make a stop at the community restroom facilities, then exchange money and goods at the market. Paint applied to the team’s hands and feet showed how germs can be passed from person to person via the paper money and products handled at the market. Needless to say, team members were very thankful for the restroom facilities they usually take for granted.

We fasted all Saturday afternoon and night, camping out inside the church, and enjoyed some games and devotions. On Sunday morning, we broke our fast with a meal of rice, beans and bananas.

Generous donations of $400 were collected to be sent to be used where the money will do the most good.

Story submitted by Forest Hills Community of Christ Member, Jay Rogers

A big thank you to Forest Hills Community of Christ for your participation and generosity. Together, we are creating a world without poverty. 

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