The votes are in! We asked you to help us pick the cover for our 2016 Annual Report, and help you did! Here’s your winner:

Woo! Great job, everyone, and thanks to our runners-up!

Here are a few of the things you lovely people shared about your chosen image:

  •  “I particularly like the hands placed on their heads, as if they are being protected and cared for.”
  •  “Who can resist the charm of these two darlings?”
  •   “Smiling children are always winners.”
  •  “You can feel the love from all three.”
  •  “I liked Mom’s hands on these adorable children’s heads.”
  •   “Looks like happy kids ready to take on the world.”
  •   “The absolute joy shown on the children’s aces speaks volumes about the awesome work being done by Outreach International.”

Thanks again for pitching in, and especially for all your comments. You’re all so thoughtful and kind-hearted. Keep an eye out for your winning cover (and all the winsome content within) in our Annual Report, headed to your mailbox soon!

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