Veronica, a shoemaker in Nicaragua, is just one of those people with whom you are partnering. For years, Veronica kept her small business running through sheer effort and dedication, using what skills she had. Although her efforts were noble, they barely kept her out of poverty. Her business was at odds with a sustainable model for growth. Juggling orders, managing supply lines, manufacturing goods and delivering her products to market was a time-consuming, burdensome operation. But after consulting with visiting and local business leaders to reevaluate her model, she expanded her operation from a one-woman effort to a workshop with five employees to help her meet the demands of her rapidly growing customer base.

She says, “For many years, I dedicated myself to the work of making shoes and caring for my family. My world revolved around making shoes, paying bank debts and giving customers their products. But now that I have integrated into the small business group through Outreach Nicaragua, I feel more useful. I see more opportunities, and my mind is open to comment on or support any work in the community. It has allowed me to get closer to the people around me, inside and outside my community.

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Veronica is but one person who embodies Outreach International’s mission to abolish poverty, by increasing self-reliance and empowering our partners to forge their own solutions. And with the help of compassionate hearts like yours, Veronica is helping not only herself, but is helping her community achieve sustainable results as well. That’s the multiplier effect of this work.

Thank you for partnering with us in mission as we strive towards a permanent end to world poverty.