The perfect way to bring joy to the people in your life during the holiday season is to give gifts that are both fun and meaningful. The right gift can tell your recipient that you know they’re a good and caring person who wants to share their goodness with the world. And you can find a wide variety of gifts that do exactly that at the Outreach Shop. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of “gifts that give back” – thoughtful presents that contribute to the important work of Outreach International in the fight against poverty.

When shopping for charitable gifts, there are several factors to consider. Can you find a great gift that does real good? Is the gift a good value in terms of the percentage of the price that goes toward the cause you’re choosing to support? Is the charity worthy of your hard-earned donation dollars? The more you learn about the gifts at the Outreach Shop and the good work that Outreach International does around the world to fight poverty, the more you’ll realize that you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your Nice List.

As you begin your Christmas shopping, explore this list and discover how your gift choices can change lives.

How Your Christmas Gifts Can Give Back to Fight Poverty

Outreach International has a unique approach to fighting poverty around the world. And, we offer an easy and effective way of giving back during the holiday season. Our gift catalog allows you to purchase items that serve as meaningful presents while at the same time making a real contribution to the fight against poverty. Each item you buy from our shop supports projects that improve living conditions, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for communities around the world that live in chronic, extreme poverty.

This holiday season is a perfect opportunity to consider choosing gifts from the Outreach Shop that not only spread holiday cheer but also create a lasting impact in communities worldwide. By selecting a gift on the Outreach Shop, you’re making a donation to Outreach International. Each purchase made goes directly to unrestricted funding. And, EVERY item purchased is happening in our communities because of our work. Whether you’re searching for a gift that someone can receive that also makes a donation, or a symbolic gift of a donation in their name, you’ll find a wide selection to choose from.

Gifts You Can Buy in the Outreach Shop and Give Back to Charity

Outreach Mug

Outreach Mug, Gifts That Give Back

Outreach Mug – $20

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in an Outreach Mug. Every time you use it you’ll be showing a symbol of your support for Outreach International’s work in fighting poverty around the world. This thoughtful and affordable gift will wake you up in the morning, warm your heart, and improve lives.

Outreach Socks

Outreach Socks

Outreach Socks – $25

Keep your feet warm and cozy with a pair of Outreach Socks. These comfortable and stylish socks are not only a fashion statement but also a statement that you care about others. They’re fun, fashionable, and are a perfect addition to your holiday gift list.

Together T-Shirt

Together T-Shirt, Gifts That Give Back

Together T-Shirt – $25

The Together T-Shirt embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration. And working together for the betterment of all is what Outreach is all about. By gifting this T-shirt, you’re helping share the message and fight poverty.

Piglet + Pedro the Pig

Pedro the Pig

Piglet + Pedro the Pig – $40

The gift of a Piglet helps a family in need, and Pedro the Pig is there to say “thank you.” By choosing this gift, you’re supporting Outreach International’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of families who will get real benefits from their new farmyard friend.

Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle

Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle

Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle – $100

This beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle is an entertaining challenge. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, appreciate the craftsmanship, and support the small business owners who create items such as this.

Outreach Sunglasses

Outreach Sunglasses, Gifts That Give Back

Outreach Sunglasses – $5

Shield your eyes from the sun in style with Outreach Sunglasses. Not only are they a fashion statement, but they’re also a statement of support for the important work of Outreach International. They’re fun, affordable, and even make a great stocking stuffer.

Outreach Onesie

Outreach Onsie

Outreach Onesie – $20

Wrap your little one in comfort and love with the Outreach Onesie. This adorable gift serves as a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference in the world.

Toddler T-Shirt

Toddler T-Shirt, Gifts That Give Back

Toddler T-Shirt – $25

Empower the next generation with the Toddler T-Shirt from Outreach International. By gifting this T-shirt, you’re helping instill values of compassion and generosity in young hearts.

Outreach Bandana

Outreach Bandana, Gifts That Give Back

Outreach Bandana – $15

The Outreach Bandana is the perfect accessory for people or pets to show your support for the fight to end poverty around the world. It’s a bright and fun fashion statement that makes a meaningful statement, too.

Outreach Apron + International Recipe Card

Outreach Apron, Gifts That Give Back

Outreach Apron + International Recipe Card – $30

Indulge your culinary skills with the Outreach Apron. This gift comes with an international recipe card that can help increase awareness of the beauty of other cultures, making it a delightful and interactive way to support Outreach International’s mission.

Gold Bangle Bracelet Stack

Gold Bangle Bracelet Stack, Gifts That Give Back

Gold Bangle Bracelet Stack – $35

Elevate your style with the Gold Bangle Bracelet Stack while elevating the lives of those in need. These bracelets make a beautiful fashion statement with a meaningful purpose.

12 Ducks + Donita the Duck

Donita The Duck

12 Ducks + Donita the Duck – $44

The gift of 12 Ducks makes a tremendous difference for a family. And just like her real duck friends, Donita the Duck is easy to care for and fun to have around.

Share of Water Buffalo + Wally the Water Buffalo

Wally The Water Buffalo

Share of Water Buffalo + Wally the Water Buffalo – $50

Gift a Share of Water Buffalo + Wally the Water Buffalo and provide rural communities with valuable assets for agriculture. It’s the gift that keeps on tilling.

Organic Cotton Carryall

Organic Cotton Carry-all, Gifts That Give Back

Organic Cotton Carryall – $150

Stay eco-friendly and organized with the Organic Cotton Carryall. Not only is it a versatile accessory, but it’s also a great way to share the message of Outreach International’s mission.

Sea Glass Bead Necklace

Sea Glass Bead Necklace, Gifts That Give Back

Sea Glass Bead Necklace – $230

Enhance your style with the elegant Sea Glass Bead Necklace. This gift is not just a fashion statement; it’s a contribution to a brighter future for vulnerable communities.

Give More Than Gifts: Support Outreach Communities

While these gifts provide a wonderful way to give back during the holiday season, you can also make a direct impact by donating to Outreach International. These symbolic gifts fund the work of Outreach International for projects that make a real difference in communities around the world.

Adult Literacy Class

Adult Literacy Class

Adult Literacy Class – $17

Learning to read opens up a world of knowledge and possibility to an adult who has not yet been given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Help someone start their journey toward making a better life for themself and their family.

Health Clinic Visit

Health Clinic Visit

Health Clinic Visit – $19

Basic health care is vital for children and families, and is the basis of a happy and productive life. You can help provide visits from healthcare professionals for people who live in areas so remote that this would otherwise be out of reach.

Girls’ Education

Girls' Education

Girls’ Education – $35

Knowledge is power. Girls who live in poverty may not know the potential they have within themselves to improve their lives and the lives of their entire communities. You can help them discover how empowered they truly are.

Student Meals for a Month

Student Meals for a Month

Student Meals for a Month – $45

Learning, growing, and thriving. For a child, it all starts with the building blocks of a nutritious meal. Help a child make the most out of every day by ensuring a full tummy, strong limbs, and a sharp mind.

Startup Business Loan

Startup Business Loan

Startup business loan – $100

Work ethic, talent, and determination to provide for their family. Find someone with that skill set and provide them with a fair and affordable loan, and the business they build can seem outright miraculous.

The Extra Meaning of Gifts that Give Back

Through your purchases on the Shop, Outreach International has helped people living in poverty to achieve remarkable milestones in their development – clean water projects, education programs, healthcare initiatives, economic development and small business loans, and so much more. Your support continues to transform lives each and every day.

Join us this holiday season in making a difference. Choose from any of these gifts, and explore more giving ideas on the Outreach Shop. We know you’ll find a gift that gives back in a meaningful way for everyone on your holiday list. You’ll be showing them how much you care about them and about the world. And you’ll be doing even more than that. You’ll be letting them know that you see they’re a good and caring person who appreciates the selfless thought of a gift that gives back to a family in need. Together, we can create a brighter future for everyone who lives in extreme, chronic poverty, one gift at a time.

How to Help

Shop for the perfect gifts that give back this holiday season from the list above. And for even more ideas, check out our Best Sellers to see our most popular items.