DR Congo woman working in garden project

At Outreach, we believe in building up local leaders and we envision a world where communities are working together to overcome the challenges of chronic poverty. So, when communities reach a new milestone in their leadership journey, we absolutely need to stop and celebrate this big accomplishment! Here’s the latest good news from our friends in DR Congo.

Development Milestone

Three communities in DR Congo have reached an important milestone in their development story. Transitioning from truly breaking ground (Groundbreaking) into strengthening their community-based group (Consolidation & Strengthening), these communities are even more organized and formally prepared to address even more of their issues than before, especially the complex ones!

Now, they are focused on establishing important systems for their future. First, they will establish a formal structure for their leadership: roles, responsibilities, and election of future leaders. Then they will formally register with their local government as a community-based organization (CBO). This ensures the legal legitimacy they need as a group to pursue even more resources and improvements for their community. They will also develop their vision and mission statements and outline their plans for the coming year. As a rite of passage, they’ve named themselves!

In Bemba, their group names are:

Tukoseko, meaning “Let us strive”

Tupilibuke, meaning “Let us change”

Twime, meaning “Let us work forward”

Community Development Helps Address COVID in 2020

Earlier in 2020, these three groups came together and united to address COVID-related issues. The pandemic impacted them all. With borders closing, food prices rose, and local restrictions made it difficult to find day labor jobs. Faced with fewer income opportunities and increased food prices, the groups united to create and implement food loans that provide important food security and generate income for their group’s future projects. They’ve also implemented numerous low cost-high yield agriculture projects for subsistence farming, as well as farms that generate significant income for families.

Working together to relieve the effects of the pandemic jump started their collaboration and smoothed out the transition in strengthening themselves as community-based organizations. They are very excited and optimistic about their continued work together. Obviously – look at those group names!

How to Help

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