August of 2019 feels like a decade ago, despite only being a couple years back. At that time, community members in Central Comején, Nicaragua, came together with Outreach field staff. They took on a new project: revitalizing their local school.

To grasp the significance of this, you have to understand that in the rural areas of Nicaragua schools are strategically placed. They’re often placed in remote areas, in order to provide services to as many students as possible. Schools are a gathering place and focal point for the surrounding area.

Learning for the Sake of Learning

The parents and teachers associated with the Rafaela Herrera school gathered together with the common goal of addressing the issues they faced. They had overcrowded classrooms, unsanitary learning and inadequate meeting conditions, damaged desks, a shortage of learning materials, and school dropouts.

Though they faced an uphill battle, community members worked together to overcome fear and adversity. Together, they learned how to advocate for their students to local authorities and external agencies. By early 2020 they began to see their hard work pay off. They secured 30 new desks and materials to repair 15 more, as well as over 300 school books for primary and secondary students.

Then COVID hit.

Iit could have understandably thrown a wrench in their plans. But, the parents and teachers of Rafaela Herrera took the global pandemic in stride. They pivoted and prioritized the sanitation portion of their plans. They secured hand-washing stations throughout the school, sanitary water storage, and new drainage to improve conditions.

Moving Forward, Together

One mother of a student at the Nicaragua school, Auxiliadora, shared a reflection on the process so far.

“I am happy to see how teachers and parents are supporting each other. Although there are difficulties, we always see a ‘light of hope’’. We value the effort to maintain hygiene and hand washing in this time of pandemic. God bless everyone who helps us.”

Fatima, a community leader, shared similar feelings and stated, “Working together is what makes it possible for us to move forward.”

This team of superstars has secured benefits and positively affected the lives of more than 600 children in their own community and three neighboring communities — and they’re not stopping there. They are continuing to advocate for their school and expand their work to secure better and better outcomes; they’re excited to share more updates soon!

How to Help

You can donate today to help communities like this one find unique solutions for their unique challenges. You can also learn more about how Outreach’s process of community-led development empowers communities to achieve goals that are meaningful to them!