HDF in Cambodia visits with mother and child


In October 2020, our program partner team in Cambodia added two more Human-Development Facilitators (HDFs) to their team, Phonam and Tito. HDFs are our world-class international team of talented, brilliant, caring folks who help our community partners get organized, find inspiration, and work together toward empowering results, every single day. HDFs lead communities through the process of development through things like this:

    1. Issue identification, prioritization and analysis
    2. Project development on plans that address their community’s issues
    3. Organizational development of their community-based organizations HDFs support local leaders as they grow into their responsibilities, and provide a framework for success in which every participant has an active – and important – role.

We’re so glad to have Phonam and Tito join the team!


Both Phonam and Tito did not wait for any grass to grow under their feet. Within weeks of starting their new positions, and thanks to the support of their fellow team members, Phonam and Tito started integrating into two new communities right away!


They conducted research alongside local community members, to determine what the communities’ most pressing poverty-related issues are. Deepening this research, Phonam, Tito and community members investigated the local resources that are available to implement future potential projects.

Beyond research, Phonam and Tito have found a place within the community, too. They visit house-to-house, enjoy meeting families and spending their time talking with mothers at home. They are learning the history of the community from the elders. Phonam and Tito are not only enjoying the company of a community, but also growing relationships. Together, they have nurtured relationships with over 100 households!


Up next, they will tackle their first full-scale community meeting! After watering relationships with so many new community members, the next step in the Outreach Process is to get everybody together and talk collectively about their vision as a community. The first few issue identification and prioritization meetings will occur in March. The powerful action planning and solution seeking energy that will be buzzing during these first few meetings is just the start of growing something great together! Phonam and Tito will continue to support these communities for the next four to five years! Let’s grow, together!

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