Outreach’s indispensable photographer Wayne Rowe recently returned to visit Bolivia to capture some of the magic conjured by all the amazing work of our community partners. Wayne’s work truly captures the spirit of warmth, trust and love that runs through all things Outreach, and we’re always honored to be able to share it with you.

Note: You’re probably going to tear up a little while looking through these — they’re very inspirational and moving, so the Outreach tech team recommends leaning back in your chair a little before starting to scroll down, lest your tears of joy and astonishment land on your keyboard or phone and potentially cause an electrical short. Deep breath… here we go!

Bolivian man smiling Bolivian woman with her pet pig Greenhouse farmer in Bolivia Bolivian boys running and playing Bolivian boy laughing

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Whew! What an emotional roller coaster. For more summertime smiles, be sure to follow and Like us on Facebook we’ll be sharing more of Wayne’s work all summer long!