Meet Augustin from HaitiAugustin, Haiti Schools Program Director, passed away late last year after more than 20 years of involvement with the program. And for nearly a decade he served as its leader. He was deeply committed to his work, and he used his myriad connections for the benefit of so many children. He worked with Outreach staff, Community of Christ and the people who support the 61 schools and 17 feeding programs in Haiti. Augustin leaves some big shoes to fill. And we celebrate him and his decades of dedication.

An interim leadership team, comprised of two leaders from the Community of Christ Mission Center, is now in place. This will ensure continuity between Augustin’s leadership and that of his eventual replacement. Our goal is to hire a new School Program Coordinator by this summer. This new coordinator will undergo training and become fully equipped to lead when the new school year begins in September.

Meanwhile, four school inspectors regularly collect data from affiliated schools throughout the country. They monitor enrollment numbers and track students’ health. The Outreach-supported schools spread out over a geographical area larger than Massachusetts – over 27,750 square kilometers. So, these inspectors continually communicate with each school to guarantee proper allocation of supporters’ donations, and by extension, provide maximum benefit to students.

The administrative side of the Haiti Schools Program continues to evolve. But even so, the program itself continues to provide benefits to students without interruption. Currently, 5,296 students are enrolled in the school program. And 1,527 students receive a nutritious meal at the end of each school day provided by the feeding program . These two elements of life in Haiti remain consistent thanks to the dedication of Haiti staff, and the generosity of Outreach supporters.

How to Help

Want an inspirational peek at our work in Haiti? Check out our story about the work that went into rebuilding a school there after it was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. Spoiler: It’s inspirational. You can also donate here.