DR Congo - Solar Water System 1

First, there were months of discussion, planning, mobilization and teamwork. Then, members of the Twendelee Group from the community of De la Mission B in DR Congo mobilized. The result is that they recently celebrated the completion of a solar-powered water system. It provides a clean water source for everyone in their community.

The system’s simplicity is key to its sustainability. A solar-powered pump draws water from their communal borehole well to fill a 5,000 liter tank. It then provides shimmering, safe, clean water to four additional water-access points throughout their community. Comprised of relatively few parts made from common materials, maintenance is straightforward, as well as affordable, if the need ever arises.

a virtually unlimited clean water source

The groups from De la Mission B, as well as their neighbors in De la Mission A, previously mobilized to dig new water wells with manual pumps a few years ago. But this new solar-powered water system signifies a major upgrade in reliability, convenience and efficiency. After dedicating themselves for so long to the goal of providing clean water for all, the first wave of clear, cool water emerged from the spout. It was met with a huge, community-wide celebration.

Also, they wore matching outfits to the celebration, which is just the best thing ever.

DR Congo - Solar Water System - Group Photo

Contrasted against De La Mission B’s previous setup of a single, manual pump to serve the entire community — or prior to that, no manual pump at all, requiring residents to devote an enormous amount of time and energy each day to collect water elsewhere   — the new system’s represents a sustainable benefit, monumental achievement and life-changing milestone for every single one of the community’s 1,040 members.

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