What’s the opposite of simmering? Being STIRRED TO ACTION to fundraise!

Annual chili cook-off! Longtime Outreach pals from the Colbern Road Community of Christ figured out a smart, safe way to host their well-loved annual Outreach fundraiser this year.

Colbern Road Community of Christ Fundraiser


Since they couldn’t be together in person, they took their annual chili cook-off online! “Stirred to Action,” chefs spent Sunday, October 11th a-swirlin’ and a-servin’ up some helpin’ heapings of chili, and fun, and some much-needed time together!

This kind of inventiveness is exactly what makes our partners so important to us. The work we get to do is only possible because of the brilliant problem-solving of selfless partners whose sole purpose is to help others.

Together, the outreach fundraiser raised $2,750!

COVID couldn’t stop them. Even as they were facing their own hardships during what was no doubt a challenging year for all, they gave. They gave their time, effort, brain power and resources. And they brought some much-needed fellowship to their congregation during a time when they needed it most.

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How to Help

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