Outreach Philippies Staff celebrate

Did you know we’re part of the MCLD? If not, it’s probably the coolest new do-good-abbreviation you’ve never heard of. The MCLD, or Movement for Community-Led Development, is a joint effort of over 70 member organizations. The group includes World Vision, Oxfam, Heifer International, and others. We all work together to bring community-based organizations, civil society, and governments into an effective partnership. Together we strive to achieve agency for women and marginalized groups, community-led collaboration, good local governance. And we don’t stop there. We also focus on adequate finance, quality public services, and resilience. We all dedicate ourselves to further the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. So… basically everything we’re about!

The Movement for Community-Led DevelopmentSince early 2020, we’ve become very involved in regular MCLD meetings and various working groups within the Movement. We’ve also shared publications, participated in MCLD led research, and they’ve featured us on their social media and website.

The work we’re do as members of this movement transforms communities around the world. “Community-led” means that people learn to solve their own problems. So, when another problem arises, they can overcome it because they’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need.

We’re proud that we are members of the Movement for Community-led Development!

Check out our feature, written by Outreach President & CEO Kevin Prine, on their website about community-led development and sustainable food systems.