Did you know that February is Oral Health Awareness month? 🦷️

Our community partners in the Philippines worked together to access 2,400 toothbrushes and 2,000 tubes of toothpaste from the provincial health office to distribute in neighboring communities including Caridad Norte, Bosque, General Tinio and San Vicente.

This is another example of the great work that can be accomplished by anyone who learns through the PHD process. When people gather and identify issues that affect their lives, they can then prioritize and decide how to act. Once they learn to navigate social programs and government offices, they can take full advantage of the benefits available to them.

Oral Health Awareness helps everyone

Medical professionals the world over know that this most basic aspect of self-care is a crucial step toward overall health. And it doesn’t just lead to healthier teeth and gums. A healthy smile is a happy smile, and learning to focus on oral health can lead to awareness of other healthy habits, too. It creates momentum toward positive change that improves life for everyone involved.

Thanks to our friends in the Philippines for giving us all something to smile about today! 😃

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