Outreach Zambia community parter Benjamin smiles in triumph | Community development in zambia

Outreach Zambia community partner Benjamin demonstrates the proper expression to have on your face by the end of this blog post.

We asked our friend Benjamin if he could share some of his thoughts on his time working alongside his neighbors on development in Zambia throughout their Outreach-affiliated community. After he replied, it took us a while to pick ourselves off the floor to write this introduction. See for yourself:

“I feel so inspired by my work as a community leader. We face a lot of issues and challenges in our community, and when I am able to help my neighbors resolve their problems, I feel great. I feel healed, deep down in my heart. 

“The experience and skills I’ve gained through witnessing and participating in community meetings have made me realize that real change does not come from being handed an allowance — it comes from the changes we make ourselves as we develop our community and fulfill our commitment to one another. Together, we’ve installed hand-washing facilities, rehabilitated water water wells and improved hygiene and sanitation in numerous other ways. When I look for inspiration, I don’t have to look far!” 

See? Holy cow. Change like this development in Zambia is why we’re all here. Thanks, Benjamin. 

How to Help

Dry those eyes, catch your breath, then share your support for incredible people like Benjamin as they work every dang day to help their communities reach goals, expand opportunities and change lives for generations through the PHD Process. Do it!