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Empowering Outreach’s community partners takes more than labor and logistics. Sustainable progress requires self-reflection on both sides of a goal. Here are some recent insights from our partners. They reflect on their motivations to work together, empower one another, and forge permanent solutions to the issues they face.


“Opportunities come, and sometimes, we fear that we may not be up to it, or we cannot manage them successfully. But if we pass up the opportunity, we might regret it. Hard work and perseverance are the words that should motivate a person to accept an opportunity that comes their way.” — Tess and Badet, Community Partners – Philippines

“Never in our life as a community had we taken the effort, nor the time to talk about our problems. Always, others spoke for us. Now we have raised our voices, so that together, we can change our community.” — Ricardo, Community Partner – Nicaragua

“I once had no vision of my future. Now I have hope for what my future can be.”— Evelyn, Community Partner – Malawi

“If a community member wishes to get involved in the group, I would first congratulate him. He has awakened his love for the community work that is carried out with the cooperative. I would also share that community work is not easy, but with perseverance and community love we can achieve many things.” — Arnoldo, Community Partner – Nicaragua

More inspiration

“I have seen the traditional happiness of people [in poor communities] that results from short-term fixes and hand-outs, but their happiness does not change the people themselves, their behavior, or their way of working. The clear direction of The Outreach Process is to facilitate the resolution of issues in the community, to strengthen the capacity of the people, and to empower the communities as a result.” — Sopha, Facilitator – Cambodia

“We are grateful for the huge help from those who guided us. We hope that our story inspires and encourages readers. If they are like us, just starting with their organization or projects, we say, ‘Try and try until you succeed! and Keep moving forward! Go ahead and dream, but do not stop dreaming.’ Make sure to accomplish that dream!” — Reis, Community Partner – Philippines

How to Help

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