As with every big decision made at Outreach, our move to a new headquarters building has involved a lot of time, consideration and effort. The benefit– besides justifying our enormous enthusiasm for this undertaking– is that after all that work, we get to share these highlights with you, and get to avoid reliving things like securing permits and pondering paint swatches. Sure, those things are necessary, but they are never, ever exciting. Not ever.

You really should swing by and see our new HQ for yourself. Consider this a your standing invitation.

Instead, here’s an action-packed highlight reel of some of the planning and collaboration that put a new roof over our heads!
1) Our new HQ building has seen a lot of things in it’s near-century of existence, and a lot of those things resulted in architectural residue better left in earlier eras. Plus, we needed to make room for all the history Outreach brings with us.

HQ Headquarters office window

2) We never expected we’d be so excited about the condition of a ceiling, but here we are, vibrating with glee.

HQ Headquarters office across the street

3) Our plans are so hot, you can’t even touch the blueprints barehanded.

HQ Headquarters office blue print

4) Some people see this photo and think, “That building needs a facade.” When we see it, we think, “That building looks like a friendly beast with its mouth open, hungry for innovation.”

OI Headquarters office streetside

5) More ceiling admiration from the staff. It really is a nice ceiling.

OI headquarters office basement

6) Ingenuity and efficiency meet maddening logistics and excruciating detail as staff members use li’l bits of paper to block out where everyone will put their desks. Once most of us stopped trying to help, it was fascinating to watch them work.

OI headquarters office layout

How to Help

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