Children from Outreach's Haiti Schools Feeding Program show off their smiles for the camera

Though COVID-related emergency measures are still in place throughout Haiti, Outreach’s School Feeding Program keeps hundreds of kids and their families safe and healthy through regular, nutritious meals.

The search for permanent Haiti Schools Directors nears completion. This began because of former director Augustin’s untimely passing in late 2019. And in the meantime, the good things nurtured by Outreach donors continue to provide nourishment and security to hundreds of local families through the Haiti schools feeding program.

Government orders related to stemming the COVID-19 crisis restricted movement for families throughout Haiti. As this happened, interim school directors marshaled their resources and redoubled their commitment. They worked to ensure that families from Outreach-affiliated schools with feeding programs have enough to eat each day. Since government-mandated home isolation makes it nearly impossible for many parents to venture outside to attend work, many households are currently unable to generate income. This makes the feeding programs’ benefits even more pronounced.

Working Up an Appetite

The hard work of the schools’ interim directors is much more than an emergency measure. Their efforts also represent a continuation of normalcy amidst sudden, unprecedented change. Not only that, but also a furthering of the principles put forth and maintained by Augustin and all the talented Schools Directors who preceded him. This emphasizes the depth of our combined commitment to the wellbeing of everyone in the Outreach family.

This would otherwise have be a period of ruinous uncertainty for Outreach-affiliated families. But thanks to the schools’ interim directors, it’s instead, yet another example of our shared dedication to the wellbeing of everyone in the Outreach family.

…And speaking of families, more than 300 of them have received meal kits!

Elsewhere in Haiti, we’re pleased to announce that we have found some new directors to help manage Outreach’s schools in Haiti. And we’re excited to introduce them to you. Keep an eye out for more details in a coming blog post!

Food supplies for Outreach's Haiti Schools Feeding Program await distrubution

Some of the supplies and staples furnished to families as part of the Feeding Program.

Girls from Outreach's Haiti Schools Feeding Program beam with gratitude after receiving their meal kits

Another wonderful aspect of the feeding program: Photos like this!

How to Help

It’s only through the generosity of Outreach donors that our teams in Haiti are able to do their work. They help to meet the daily needs of children and families throughout the country. YOU can have an active, ongoing role in empowering the lives of our partners worldwide. You can donate to Outreach — since 100% of all donations go directly and completely to our work in communities around the globe, your kindness and love will go even farther to make the world a little bit better every single day. Sign up to be a donor today!