Bill Higdon with African community membersOne of the world’s bright and guiding lights began to shine in a higher place this morning. Bill Higdon passed away, peacefully and surrounded by loved ones. He was 91.

Bill was a founding thought leader for Outreach International, and his ongoing influence inspired our mission for more than four decades. He served for many years on the board of directors and led the organization as President in the early 2000s. Bill will be remembered for his lifetime of service to others and his inclusive attitude toward all people, regardless of their economic circumstances, as souls worthy of love and empowerment.

On a personal note, Bill was a key figure in my early professional development and my family’s lives. While I served as a Graceland faculty member for sixteen years, both Bill and Barbara acted as surrogate grandparents for my two young children. They made many fond memories – visiting their farm, playing with the dogs, feeding the alpacas, with us always coming in dusty and ready for root beer floats. A father holds a special place in his heart for anyone who loves his children.

We all create ripples of influence from our actions in life. The waves of positive change Bill Higdon chose to make will continue to impact people worldwide for generations to come.


Dr. Kevin W. Prine
President & CEO

Domi and Bill Hidgon under shade tree
Bill Hidgon with Zambian children in Luapula
Bill Hidgon with Zambian children at water well in Luapula
Bill Higdon at the market