It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Kevin Prine | CEO | Nepal | Outreach International

Dear Friends,

Over the past month, I’ve spoken with friends and relatives who are advanced in both age and wisdom. None can remember ever going through a similar time to what we are currently experiencing. Feelings of social isolation have become magnified. Fear permeates our media and invades our personal lives. Yet, hope endures.

These famous words by Dickens remind us that extreme circumstances can also bring clarity and wisdom. That’s certainly true in this year’s Annual Report.  You’ll find personal stories and metrics that tell an incredible tale. You’ll see people overcoming incredible challenges because they have discovered both their inner strength and the power of working with their neighbors.

If you are like me, these kinds of examples are the uplifting news that hope endures; people coming together to solve big problems that affect their entire community builds my sense of hope for all of us, and hope changes everything.

Dr. Kevin W. Prine
President & CEO

April 2020

How to Help

As you read this year’s Annual Report, consider the people behind the numbers: Empowered women and men around the world who are committed to working together to reach their goals. The momentum they’ve built continues to provide benefit and relief to their families and communities even now, as our partners work to ensure the safety and health of their neighbors thorough new hand-washing stations and short-term food loan programs. You can have an immediate, direct impact on the lives of our partners worldwide by supporting our COVID-19 relief efforts today. 100% of all donations support our work in communities worldwide. It’s amazing. Please give now.