Gary Logan knows that resolving chronic poverty is a marathon, not a sprint. Another thing that’s a marathon? Marathons! As a longtime Outreach donor and fundraiser, Gary has regularly combined his love for humanity and his passion for running into fundraising and consciousness-raising opportunities for Outreach.

His pace was set by a speech given by one of Outreach’s founders, Charles Neff, in 1986. “[He] challenged an auditorium full of 5000+ people to give just $.25 a day to help eradicate poverty,” Gary explains. “Neff captured the imagination of my then five-year-old son, Kyle, who said, ‘Daddy, if you will increase my allowance, we can do that!’ Our family has been giving to Outreach and causes addressing the critical issues of poverty ever since.”

Racing for a Solution to Poverty

“Running is one of my passions. Abolishing poverty is another.”

Gary Logan | Race | Fundraiser | Outreach InternationalGary and his wonderful family have been running races around the world to raise awareness of poverty-related issues (and Outreach-related solutions). This year, Gary’s efforts are going to even greater lengths. After a few attempts to enter the New York City Marathon (“You only get in if you are an elite runner, wealthy, or win the lottery with 60,000 runners,” he says), Gary’s exemplary karma paid off; come November, he’ll be running one of the world’s most exclusive marathons to continue his support for Outreach’s work. it’s a big deal.

On his Facebook page, Gary lays it plain: “Running is one of my passions. Abolishing poverty is another. I enter races (half-marathons and marathons) to raise awareness of the issues surrounding poverty. And, to raise money for worthy organizations working to end poverty.”

As an organization built on the idea of community-sourced solutions, we’re thrilled to be able to spotlight an opportunity a conga line of support for Gary– supporting our supporters’ support for Gary’s support. It’s an echo that grows in volume with each reverberation! Add your voice to the cacophony by joining Gary’s fundraising page.

Crossing the finish line is just another mile marker for Gary. The goal of lifting Outreach’s community partners into a life of equality and prosperity might seem distant. But reaching it is just a matter of continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Go, Gary!

How To Help

Start your own personal fundraiser and join Gary in the fight to end poverty!