We’re really excited to host Outreach Connect, our first-ever virtual gala, on November 19th. So excited, in fact, that we can’t wait until the big night for you to meet our gala’s featured guests from all over the world.

Since Outreach Connect is a virtual gala, we have a bit more flexibility to offer a variety of delights from which to choose. No matter which program you choose, there will be a lot to see, hear, and savor.

Breakout Room 1:

The evening kicks off with an Interview with facilitators from Outreach Philippines. Listen in on a chat between Outreach HQ staff, Outreach Philippines staff, and a community member from the Philippines to hear insights on the good things flourishing throughout our communities!

Agnes, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines
Jenny, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines
Krizza, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines

… and that’s just for starters!

Breakout Room 2:

Listen, talk, and learn with a staff member from India, Nepal, Nicaragua, and the Philippines during our panel discussion with Live Q&A!. Guests will be able to submit questions, so start thinking of some now!

Elvis, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines
Luz Dania, an Outreach HDF from Nicaragua
Riddina, an Outreach HDF from Nepal
Sanjeev, an Outreach HDF from Nepal

After all the soul-nourishing conversation and food for thought in those first two rooms, you’ll work up an appetite. Luckily, you’ll have a veritable, virtual buffet of food-filled breakout rooms to fill your plate. Dig in!

Breakout Room 3: International Cooking Classes!

Join community partners and international staff as they demonstrate how to prepare a meal from their country! Sample some khmer noodles from Cambodia, or nibble on some nshima from Zambia, as folks from both countries whip up some local delicacies. We’ll provide the hosts, recipes, entertainment, and instruction so you can follow along in the comfort of your own kitchen, then later, try out the recipes yourself!

Cambodian Khmer Noodles, presented by…
Nancy, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines
Rose, an Outreach HDF from the Philippines
Vong, an Outreach HDF from Cambodia
Zambian Nshima, presented by…
Jane, an Outreach HDF from Zambia
Joyce, an Outreach HDF from Zambia
Kennedy, an Outreach HDF from Zambia

How to Help

Yowza! Look at all those guests and activities… it’s going to be a night to remember. There’s still time to get your own tickets for Outreach Connect on November 19th! Join us! Get your tickets to Outreach Connect here.