Swimming | Kids | Empowerment | PhilippinesPhotos of our community partners always resonate with us, but this one, taken in the outskirts of the Laur municipality in the Philippines, is one of our favorites. We asked Outreach’s go-to lensman, Wayne Rowe, if he could give us the story behind this perfect shot, and he obliged:

“It was extremely hot that day, and I spotted a few kids cooling down in the river. I asked them if they regularly swam in the canal, and they said, ‘Yes, most days,’ then continued to tell me how they like to jump and do somersaults into the water. My response was, ‘Cool! Let me see!’ They each lined up at the side of the bank and took turns showing off for me. I thought it would be great if they could all jump in at the same time . . . they agreed. And that’s the shot!”

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