Woman holding plans for Bolivian irrigation project

Last February, we introduced you to a super-team of farmers in Bolivia called APROAVA. It’s the Association of Agricultural Producers of Vacas. It formed in 2002 and includes 8 Outreach-facilitated member groups. Importantly, APROAVA ensures small farmers in the mountains of Vacas can access quality seeds and proper irrigation. And, other agricultural inputs through their low-interest loan program.

An Irrigation Solution

In the dry climate of Vacas, the farmers desperately need water as an agricultural input. However, the funding required to install irrigation systems is outside the reach of individual farmers. This is even the case with the help of their loan program. But true to their mission, APROAVA members have been working to find a solution to their irrigation problem since 2016.

Thanks to the hard work of its members, the Bolivian’s government’s Rural Alliance Project (PAR) approved APROAVA’s proposal. Consequently, irrigation equipment and training was approved in November 2018! Eventually, through PAR, the group would receive nearly $60,000 of funding for equipment. But, they first had to come up with their own counterpart contributions of over $35,000. Certainly, this was no small feat for families whose average daily income is less than $10.

Bolivia irrigation tubing truck

Getting Pumped

Bolivian man holding irrigation pumpAfter 16 months of preparation and fundraising, the APROAVA farmers received the first distribution of irrigation supplies in March 2020. This included 68 fuel-powered water pumps (one for each family). As a result, APROAVA member Don Amadeo said of distribution day, “it was like a party!” After that, the second distribution took place in December 2020. At this point, APROAVA accessed 68 mowers, 340 sprinklers, and over 35,000 meters of hosepipe. At this point it was enough equipment to fill the floor of their local stadium!

After years of hoping, dreaming, and hard work, APROAVA farmers have the equipment they need to properly irrigate their crops. Keep an eye out for our next update. We’ll get to share how their increased agricultural production and incomes are improving the lives of the farmers and their 580 family members!

How to Help

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