Empowering women and girls to stand as equals and participate as leaders is an issue all of us at Outreach view as crucial to our success as an organization, and critical to our success as a society. Every single triumph we celebrate together is made possible because strong, smart women are included as equals, and valued as leaders.

We’re honored to have the opportunity to work alongside all the women in all our communities, and are thrilled to share some of the results of their efforts, insights and contributions.

Luz - Facilitator in Nicaragua

Luz, a Human Development Facilitator from Outreach Nicaragua, is a tireless champion of women’s empowerment throughout our partner communities, and in her own household. Read her story here.

Rosa - community partner in Nicaragua

Rosa is a community partner from elsewhere in Nicaragua, earning a law degree by day and ensuring a safer, healthier home life for herself and her neighbors in her spare time. Her ability to organize and execute plans to first revise, then implement smokeless “eco-stoves” in homes throughout her community resulted in cleaner air, more efficient use of resources, and an unqualified example of how intellect and determination can affect lasting change.

Ana | Outreach Philippines

Ana has been in Outreach’s orbit since she was a child, growing up motivated by her mother Lucy’s tenacious leadership. Following her mom’s example, Ana Liza has grown into her destiny as a generational world-changer, shaping young minds every day as a teacher inside the new school she helped build.

Veronica | Outreach Nicaragua

Our friend Veronica from Nicaragua, combined her skills with her determination and ingenuity, and founded her own successful shoemaking business, complete with a small staff. Get inspired, stay inspired.

“Getting my sight back improved my quality of life– I can give back to my family, and have a sense of pride.”

India women with sunglasses

These empowered, inspirational ladies from one of Outreach’s partner communities in India were fed up with the hassles and dangers resulting from untreated cataracts. They felt like burdens to their families for needing extra help while being unable to contribute, and regretted that their eyesight had grown so poor they were unable to recognize friends and family at a glance. With a dash of community mobilization and a sprinkling of government-subsidized corrective surgery, they returned to their village looking cool and seeing clearly. One of the women told us, “Getting my sight back improved my quality of life– I can give back to my family, and have a sense of pride.” And a sense of style!

Kalima | Outreach India

We’ve followed the saga of our friend Kalima’s water buffalo for years, waiting alongside her to see it blossom into motherhood. After a long while, nature took its course, and then a few years later, nature followed the same course, adding a third to her robust buffalo brood. More hauling power, more milk to drink and sell, and more income makes for a happy home where the buffalo roam. Read all about it.

Salai - India

Speaking of inspirational buffalo stories, meet Salai, the recipient of a water buffalo in 2012. Her buffalo gave birth to three calves over the years, each of which sells for a considerable amount of money upon reaching maturity. When Salai fell ill, the proceeds from selling one of her calves provided the money she needed to pay for her medical expenses. She shared, “My buffalo saved my life. Without being able to sell the calf, I would not have been able to pay for treatment, and I would’ve died.” Spoiler: She’s feeling much better these days. Take a look, and bring some tissues.

Emeldah | Outreach Zambia

Emeldah, from Zambia, is a mother of eight children, ranging in age from a few months to 25-years-old. If you’re not already exhausted, prepare to be amazed: Besides working alongside her husband tending crops each day, she’s also devoted much of her free time to taking on a leadership role within her community to ensure a bright future for her children.

Whew! We’re so proud of each and every one of the empowered, inspirational women in our communities around the world, we could go on praising them all day. To truly honor their example, however, we should probably get back to work.


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