In advance the newest issue of Outreach Magazine’s publication, we solicited our field teams around the world to share some of their personal reflections about their work alongside Outreach. Due to limited space in the magazine, we were unable to include every submission. Luckily, the internet is functionally unlimited (just like the dedication and skill of our precious, talented professional associates), which allows ample room for additional sharing. Let’s bask together in these incandescent insights!

Sudhir | Outreach International India
“The Outreach Process brings confidence to the people in our communities, as they envision and develop their skills and gain experience negotiating with government agencies for access to resources. Their work together has resolved many issues for them and brought smiles to their faces. When I see the happiness of the people with whom we work, it makes me happy, too.”

Sudhir, Human Development Facilitator, India

Agnes | Outreach International Philippines“My motivation comes from knowing that my work is a significant task. The challenges have strengthened my patience and composure in difficult situations. Any difficulties involved are soothed by my realization that I have been given a great responsibility to be a part of helping people make changes to their lives to better themselves, as well as their community.”

Agnes, Human Development Facilitator, Philippines

Ami | Outreach International Philippines“Great works from the field are not meant to be kept in folder. They have to be written, recorded and shared, so that more people get inspired and take action toward ending poverty in our world.”

Ami, Research and Documentation Officer, Philippines

Monde | Outreach International Zambia“Being a change-agent most motivates my work– especially seeing the hope and natural smiles people might have buried be revived. And also to see the people realize and appreciate their capability in changing their lives to better, thus enjoying the happiness that they create on their own.”

Monde, Human Development Facilitator, Zambia

Sushila | Nepal Staff“I have worked with traditional models of development all my life to know that “the old way” does not work in alleviating poverty. It does not address the core problem of a community that believes it is poor and feels and acts accordingly. Old models leave communities and nations crippled to fend for themselves. Outreach’s approach offers to address this issue by reaching out to the core of the community and giving them the strength to fight back. And though the work is hard and the outcomes slow, this approach will indeed free the people from poverty one day.”

Sushila, Country Coordinator, Nepal

“Working with the poor families of the communities– people who feel that nobody listens to them, and who suffer the consequences of poverty– this motivates me to work hard, so they too can acquire empowerment through participatory human development. I am passionate, and it makes me happy to live with people, to learn from them, to listen to their situations and concerns, to make me be sensitive at heart even when things grow complex.

I feel inspired when I see families taking control of their own situations in a process of change where they are the actors of their own development.”

Wilmer, Human Development Facilitator, Nicaragua

Rhed | Outreach International Philippines“There’s a unique feeling of happiness that comes from working with communities to resolve their needs. I can’t explain the feeling of happiness when people in our communities smile at me, call me by my nickname and ask, ‘When is our next meeting?’.”

Rhed, Human Development Facilitator, Philippines

Bolivia Team | Outreach Internaitonal“As a human being, I have the need to continue to grow in all aspects, personally and professionally. As a facilitator with Outreach, I have the opportunity to be a generator of change in myself and in the lives of people in our communities; seeing them work as a group to improve their lives, and listening to them talk about their achievements nurtures my motivation to continue.”

Orlando, Human Development Facilitator, Bolivia

Adams | Outreach International Malawi“Outreach’s donors are committed to supporting the proposals and projects in our communities, which makes people feel heard, and encourages them to envision how they can transform their lives. All of us are here for the same reason, and we all work together to make sure we succeed.”

McAdamson, Country Coordinator, Malawi

Michael | Outreach International DR Congo“My motivation to work with Outreach is my desire to give meaning to life for those who feel marginalized and think that their life on this earth is a disaster. I want to share with others the opportunity to survive in this world full of injustice. I want to help them love to live their lives.”

Michel, Country Coordinator, DRC

Thanks so much to all our dedicated staff for taking the time to share their thoughts with everyone. If you haven’t checked out the rest of this edition of Outreach Magazine, good news: You can go read the whole blessed thing by clicking on the end of this sentence, which we’ve helpfully turned into a hyperlink.