In last years Sustainable Gifts Catalog, we were thrilled to feature beads crafted by malachite artisans from our community partners in DR Congo. These craftsmen pooled their experience, skill and equipment to forge the beautiful stones as a new means of revenue for their village.

Thanks to your generosity (and fashion sense!), the revenue generated for the twelve artisans from the beads has funded their work in a more pliable medium than stones. It allowed them to collectively purchase seeds, fertilizer and gardening tools to expand their agricultural horizons.

With 3,000 square meters of land divided between them, they’re working to diversify their crops. They want to grow cassava, cabbage, tomatoes, corn, squash and other leafy veggies. Their ultimate goal is to increase their yield. They want to have more to sell at market, and more to enjoy with their families at mealtimes.

Where once community members surveyed a dusty brown landscape, their hard work and ingenuity has sprouted fields of green. The green was first rom malachite, then to their gardens, and then to the money in their pocket. We cant wait to see what they accomplish next!

How To Help

Grow the good and head on over to the OutreachShop and support projects like the DR Congo Malachite group!