Here’s something extraordinarily cool: during Spring/Summer 2020 Outreach community members started mask making in Malawi en masse; keeping themselves and their neighbors safe (and stylish!) while bolstering their own experience and commitment to one another in the process.

Here are some examples of this amazing mask making!

Staying Happy and Healthy Together!

Recently, the Malawi mask making experts teleconferenced with staff from the Philippines for some real-time tailoring! Together, they measured, cut, and sewed new masks for themselves, then shared the how-tos with the rest of their team! Here’s to creative solutions and finding ways to stay happy and healthy, together! Go team(s)!

This is yet another great example of the brilliant pivoting and problem-solving that the PHD process teaches. As people learn to deal with one issue, then another, they eventually learn to conquer whatever issue may arise. In this case it was mask making for COVID safety. This is what leads to total independence and sustainable development

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