Meet Antonio from the PhilippinesWhen Antonio first began to attend Outreach-facilitated meetings in his community in the Philippines, he did so with an eye toward resolving his own personal problems. “I never used to care about my neighbors, because I am just as poor as they are,” Antonio says. “But now, I’ve learned to think of the conditions of others.”

He’s embraced the spirit of teamwork as mobilized to resolve issues ranging from the construction of a daycare center, to establishing low-interest loan programs to provide food or income to families during lean seasonal months, to arranging for the use of farming equipment that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive — everything from rototillers to water buffalos.

Every year, Outreach-affiliated, community-led groups worldwide access hundreds of guinea fowl, chickens, goats, cattle and, yes, water buffalo to help people like Antonio do more, earn more, and achieve more with their work. More beasts, fewer burdens.

How to Help

How can you help partners like Antonio find even MORE sustainable solutions to the issues they face? Pretty easily, actually. Step 1: Fill your cart over on the Outreach Shop! Step 2: Pay for your items. Step 3: Sit back and feel great about it. Step 4: Repeat!