Meet Augustin from HaitiWhat’s the best way to manage the logistical challenges involved in ensuring the well-being of students, teachers and support staff at 61 schools, wrangling the particulars of 17 different daily feeding programs, managing a small team of inspectors to maintain financial records, and monthly in-person visits to schools in communities throughout an entire country?

Hire Augustin.

Since 1994, Augustin has worked as Outreach’s in-country representative in Haiti, overseeing the effectiveness and efficiency of all the moving parts that comprise our work there.

Core Curriculum

Because Outreach’s focus on education and support for feeding programs throughout Haiti is unique among the range of community-led work we do in all our other field programs worldwide, Augustin’s role is equally streamlined. His regular duties include ensuring schools, teaching staff and feeding programs receive their share of donor funding every month, and maintaining open communication with representatives from each to monitor enrollment numbers, academic performance, and in the case of feeding programs, children’s weights. Accountability is double-checked through a regular reports from in-country financial inspectors, who file monthly reports and keep the books balanced.

In between office duties, Augustin hits the road regularly to check in with schools to monitor conditions and confirm that plans are being effectively implemented in order to ensure students are getting the maximum benefit from schools’ curriculum and facilities. His work involves a huge investment of time and effort. The dividends, however, are as instantaneous as they are long lasting – seeing children grow in every sense as they progress through their studies, then graduate to become productive, supportive members of their respective communities. While it might sound exhausting, from Augustin’s perspective, it looks like ongoing triumph.

“Great thanks to all donors for your unconditional contribution to all the children of the world, particularly the children of Haiti,” he says. “We all love you. Be blessed always!”


How to Help

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