Meet Kalima from Nepal

First, Kalima found her voice, and as she grew in knowledge, confidence and credibility, everyone began to listen. Outreach-facilitated community discussions in her village wound their way through analysis, evaluation, role-play, and mobilization. At the same time, she grew from an observer, to a participant, to a leader. She was recently elected village chief, and runs the community group she was once hesitant to join.

kalima finds her voice

“We have to act on our issues. We have the same value and rights of everyone else in society,” she says. Now, as Kalima leads community meetings, there are others along the margins. They watch her growth, see her strength, and look within themselves to find their own voices.

Ultimately, they have one overarching goal. They strive to make these changes sustainable for generations to come. Some of the others who watch her are children. They witness their powerful village chief lead her community to solutions. Then, these children witness these changes making their lives better. They see it can be done. One day, they’ll take over and do it.

Kalima is leading one of the 165 community-led groups working throughout the world. They empower and energize one another to conceive and achieve goals that permanently address the poverty-related issues they face.

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