Meet Krishala from NepalAs a part of our #womenwhowow series in celebration of International Women’s Day, meet Krishala from Nepal!

Krishala from Nepal, the youngest among our featured International Women’s Day women, is a living example of how young women are shaping the futures they want to be part of. Knowing very well what economic hardship entails, Krishala is eager to uplift other women with similar backgrounds.

Entrepreneur, Farmer, Youth Leader

One venue where Krishala is creating opportunities for other women is in intensive agriculture. Alongside other Sikharpa Lead Farmers Group leaders, she is undergoing training and testing out technologies that local women need to turn their lots into lucrative food-growing ventures. And they’ve already made great strides. In 2020, we reported on the success of Krishala and her fellow group members’ eight vegetable tunnels. Since then, they have added at least 13 more tunnels, supported the development of several gardening lots, and built a greenhouse to cultivate the seedlings that will eventually make their way to the women farmers’ lots.

Watch this video to learn more about these successes from Krishala herself.

How to Help

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