Our friends in Malawi have made the most of every moment to work together to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Since Outreach-affiliated communities are located in rural locations, far from reported cases in the country’s capital, members still have a degree of flexibility in their social interactions than those living in more densely populated areas. Seizing this opportunity to work together and support their neighbors, community-led teams have dedicated themselves to ensuring every household has its own hand-washing station and supply of soap for the weeks ahead.

How to Keep a Community Safe

Hand-washing stations are as simple to construct as they are effective when used. Let’s take a look at the process. 

Community Members in Malawi Celebrate their Buckets

Step 1: Acquire Buckets.

Community Members in Malawi Show off their new hand-washing stations

Step 2: Modify buckets to add spigot.

Of course, Outreach communities are all about follow-through, so the story continues to…

Community Members in Malawi receive their own buckets to use as hand-washing basins
A community member from Malawi receives her hand-washing basin

Step 3: Distribute hand-washing stations and soap to community members, including door-to-door visits from local leaders to make sure every household receives one.


A community in Malawi poses with their newly acquired hand-washing basins.

Step 4: Everyone uses their new hand-washing stations regularly, stays healthy, and goes on to incorporate them into their daily lives, providing long-term health benefits for all.

A family in Malawi shows off their touch-free hand-washing station
A mother and her baby use their new touch-free hand-washing station.

In other communities, residents have come together to devise a similar system for hand-washing at home, using available materials. Just walk up, step on the plank to tip the basin, and presto, a reliable touch-free way to keep healthy habits going strong.

Work continues daily on the construction of more hand-washing stations throughout Outreach-affiliated communities in Malawi. So far, nearly 300 stations have been built and distributed, with more to come, until everyone has reliable access to maintain their healthy habits. Woo!

How to Help

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