Outreach International HeadquartersOutreach is, by virtue of our focus on accountability and teamwork, a transparent organization. To truly embody this principle, we recently flung open the doors to our new Outreach Event Space in KCs Crossroads District to welcome friends, family, and supporters both new and old into our first floor gallery space to help us celebrate our move-related milestone with our first-ever open house!

It was a real treat to see so many friendly faces, and an even bigger treat to watch those faces grow flush with delight as we showed off our new building, shared some of the incredible photos taken in our partner communities over the years, and explained our unique, proven approach to resolving chronic poverty. One of the best things about Outreach is that the more you learn about us, the more confident you get that were nailing it.

Here are some snapshots from our big night at our new event space thanks a million to everyone who came by, said hello, or sent their thoughtful regards over to cheer us on. Were thrilled to finally be here, and brimming with excitement over all the amazing things yet to come. Youll see!

Outreach Staff Outreach International Open House Outreach International Event Space Outreach International Event Space

How to Help

Like we keep saying, were so happy to be in our new HQ endless opportunities abound! it’s the best time ever for an Outreach supporter; were working in more places, with more people, than ever before in our history. Together, were changing lives, strengthening communities, and permanently eliminating chronic poverty in a real, sustainable way. You can get in on the ground floor of this new phase of Outreach by donating now; later on, you can show your friends your gift receipt and stun them into silence by proving you were an Outreach fan before we went fully mainstream.