Outreach International is proud to have received its seventh consecutive 4-Star Charity Navigator rating. Our strong financial health, efficient use of funds, and dedication to transparency earn us this top rating and place us in the top 25% of U.S.-based nonprofits.

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About Charity Navigator’s Rating System

Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in America. And more charity donors use their services than all other charity rating groups combined. Donors trust this organization because it analyzes more than just a nonprofit’s tax forms and public financial reports. It helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating over 8,000 charities using four key indicators.

This multi-dimensional evaluation provides the public with a clear and thorough view of Outreach and the work it does to fight poverty around the world. There is no higher standard of fiscal responsibility, integrity, and transparency. And there is no evaluation source more trusted.

This top Charity Navigator rating is especially validating because Charity Navigator is itself a nonprofit, 501(c)3 public charity. It accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations. Also, it does not charge the public for the information it provides.

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What Makes Outreach International Such a Reputable Nonprofit?

Every generous person who seeks to donate to a charity should ask, “How do I know that this nonprofit will use my donation dollars effectively?”. A nonprofit’s Charity Navigator rating is the best way to answer that question. A 4-Star rating is awarded to those few nonprofits that score at least 90 on their overall evaluation results on a scale of 0 to 100. Outreach International has achieved a score of 95.

You can learn more about how Charity Navigator evaluates nonprofit organizations.

“Outreach has one of the highest combinations of ratings from external evaluators for any international nonprofit of similar size. Our 4-star Charity Navigator rating is a recognized validation of our work and a key way new donors discover us,” says, Dr. Kevin Prine, President & CEO of Outreach International.

One of the ways in which Outreach can promise to use donation dollars efficiently is because of our 100% Guarantee. One generous donor who believes in our methodology and sees the amazing results that our partners around the world are constantly achieving pays for all of our administrative and overhead expenses. This means that every dollar of every donation we receive goes directly to our mission.

Outreach International’s Impact

 Outreach Impact Statement for Charity Navigator Rating

Outreach knows it’s difficult for people who live in poverty to solve their own issues themselves. But years of research show that individuals living in poverty are the ones most qualified to identify the problems unique to them. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that they are the primary people involved in the solutions. To do this, Outreach incorporates a methodology called community-led development. Organizations comprised of community members learn to identify, prioritize, and mobilize to solve the poverty-related issues that they face.

Community-led development is based on the concept of participatory human development. This is a system where people participate in making their own improvements. When they become a part of the projects that improve their living conditions, they learn the techniques and gain the confidence to solve more issues that they themselves identify.

Outreach’s partners in the countries where we work are experts in facilitating this community-led development process. When people realize they have the power to lift themselves and their families out of poverty they’re far more likely to continue on their path to prosperity. And, they’re able to pass this ability on to future generations. This is a method of fighting poverty that is sustainable, and the positive impact it has on communities all over the world is a large part of why Outreach has earned its 4-Star Charity Navigator rating.

How to Help

You can learn more about the incredible work being accomplished by our partners around the world, all made possible by generous people like you. And you can get involved by donating, fundraising, or shopping from our online catalog.