Outreach’s community partners strive to create innovative solutions to poverty-related issues. However, sometimes the solutions are not that new per se, but rather reinforce important opportunities available through the government. Check it out!

Pensions Provided, But Difficult to Access

The government in India provides monthly pensions for all eligible widows, elders, and handicapped individuals. These pensions contribute to families’ income, which are often limited. Many widows, elderly, and handicapped individuals have shared that they feel like a burden on their families. While the available pensions are a helpful resource to many, unfortunately, they are oftentimes difficult to access. Sometimes, the individuals that can apply for them don’t know that they exist.

Applying for and securing these payments can be an uphill battle to overcome when working alone. However, with the support of their Outreach and local Human Development Facilitators (HDFs), these individuals are mobilizing to access their pensions. This not only lightens the financial burdens, but a monthly pension can mean so much more. It also comes with a regained sense of dignity. Pensions empower individuals in a way where they can actively contribute to the well-being of their family and to access basic needs.

Widow receives pension in India

From Dependence to Self Reliance

One widow shared,

“I was feeling sad because always I [was] dependent upon my son and daughter for my basic needs… But after access[ing my] pension I provided some assistance to maintain the family, especially [when we experienced] sickness. Now I am self reliant and not depending [on] others like before for my basic needs.”

A mother shared,

“Before I had no confidence to negotiate with the agencies and I [was] dependent with others [to access] my son’s handicap pension. But after [I] participated in the village activities through [the] PHD process, I developed my capability and knowledge on negotiation. Then through the facilitation of [Outreach’s partner] MGS I prepared [the] required documents and mobilized [to] the Block Office and after 4 follow ups [additional visits] my son’s pension was approved. So, now I am very happy because the pension is the additional help to buy his study materials and I am not worried to provide him [with] his basic needs.”

Last month alone, 104 families accessed $742.84 (52 widow’s pensions, 39 elder’s pensions, and 13 handicapped pensions) to help with family expenses- cooking oil, vegetables, soap, as well as medicine. Monthly expenses are so much more manageable with the confidence and knowledge to access these resources.

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